1# Hello World

Why are you here? No not why are you visiting my blog, no im asking why are we put on this earth…

So ive always considered my self an inquisitive person on my almost 21 years of life, ive also been a creative person, my multiple failed blogs and youtube channels can prove that, but it wasnt until i stepped out of my comfort zone and went on a “grand tour” like the young men (how sexist i know) of medievil times  and smoked a plant for the first time that i became truly inquisitive. I now have an existensial crisis once a week that i need to write about, i have a lot of pent up anger which i need to let out, i have stories to share and books to review. I have hypotheses to theorise about so that what this blog is about …. literally everything


Ok so colour right, what is it? like there is coulour that you can see that i cant, but that could just be because i perceive it another way… but colour blind people arent actually blind to colour, they just see it differently, like dogs, does that mean some people have more dog dnain them than the rest of us?


I could point to a purple jacaranda tree and say that its purple but you could ay that its orange and i have to beleive you no matter how much i dont want to, but because you perseive it to be orange it must be orange to you… but on anoter note why do you perseive it as orange? is colour just a figment of my our parents tell us it is, and what their parents before them and so on…

Life is weird man

Existential Crisis Time

* We are all on a road… be it to success, death or even just to see a friend, we are all on a road

* if this is what dreams are made of, what is “this”? is “this” life? is “this” love? what is “this”?

* we as a human race dreamt about going to the stars and going to the centre of the earth, well we’ve made it to the stars and we can control rockets with our phones, why haven’t we made it to the centre of the earth yet?

* if iPhone camera quality is so good, why is cctv camera quality so bad? why can’t we just strap iPhones to street corners? we might actually catch criminals if we can see what they look like, or is it all just one big conspiracy

* what if the reason womens clothes don’t have large pockets/pockets in general is so that they don’t kill all the men, because men are assholes

* in this day and age the reason we can travel such large distances is because of dinosaur farts… so when you get right down to it, we are essentially riding dinosaurs…

* if we evolved so much from apes and that took what? 1 million years to do, are we at peak evolution now? given the fact that we havnt evolved in such a large way since… sure we have adapted and learnt but we haven’t evolved…

* what if the reason the world leaders havnt stepped to to help out with anything, like world hunger, climate change and nuclear warfare is because they know how the world is going to end and that there is nothing they can do to change it?

* if the mums with the “can-i-speak-to-the-manager haircut”’s kids go into retail or hospitality do they get special consideration or the same treatment she gives everyone else?

* how do anti vaxxers explain that we are all on the austisic spectrum?

#2 Internet! Tourism! Impacts! Oh My!

The Internet has affected the tourism industry in many ways; from planning to booking.Internet has affected it in both good and bad ways. This comparative essay will “Compare the Pair” so to speak. It will discuss the good ways the internet has affected and will discuss the bad ways. Firstly this essay will demonstrate the ways the internet has positively affected the tourism industry. The second Paragraph will discuss the the bad ways the internet has affected the industry, and the way it has affected the Travel Agents, for example the way he travellers become the tour agents themselves.

The Internet is the perfect way for customers to connect with the suppliers directly. Through websites like trip adviser, and numerous travel blogs customers have countless ways to get information for travel planning. According to Travel Industry Association of America more than “75 million online travellers used the internet, for travel planning, to look for information about tourist destinations, prices and schedules. The Internet Has paved the way for consumers to become their own travel agents. It gives them away to to find hotels, entertainment and air fairs all from the comfort of their living room. with sites like, trip advisor, who claim to get “300 million monthly users”, travellers can build their own travel package, and design each part of their travel experience. The Intent also makes it easier to get around, ones the tourist is in the country, with apps like google maps and uber, one doesn’t have to wander around looking for someone to direct them to wherever they need to go.

While the internet has affected the Tourism industry in many good ways, it had also affected the industry in some not so good ways. Even though the customer becomes the travel agent is a good way the internet has affected the industry, it is also a bad way in that it take the jobs away from the travel agent companies, such as flight centre. Because it means that the customers can find the prices and the airfares and book the hotels, essentially cutting out the middle man. The internet has also affected the industry, by people relying on their phones , “trying to get that perfect Instagram shot”, rather that actually experiencing it. Internet has changed the distribution channels, like printed travel guides. With more and more people relying on travel blogs and Instagram posts to get knowledges of what to do in the specific countries, it eats in to market for travel companies , such as: Contiki, Topdeck and the like to release a magazine every few months suggesting customers experiences.

Until now, it is clear that the Internet has become in the perfect vehicle to connect travel service providers and travellers. Therefore, the question is what happens with the intermediaries. Certainly for them the scenario is changing. Their offers are being substituted by closer substitutes on the Internet sites. In spite of this, they are adapting to this scenario and they are taking an advantage of their most important asset, which is their experience and their professional expertise. Through it, they are designing travel packages with higher level of complexity which are offered in their offices and also online. In other words, they are working on the specialisation of tourist product design. Through this the travellers have many options provided by the Internet to acquire online, in the comfort of their own home. Moreover, the Internet make easier to locate low prices in tourist services as such as air tickets and hotel rooms. Finally it gives tourists an overwhelming amount of information to create a unique trip.